Whatever your staging needs, we’ve got you covered…

What We Do

At Whitmore Home Staging (WHS) we provide a full range of services and options for anyone – homeowners, realtors, investors/builders – with an interest in the home-selling process. Our services include Home Staging…

  • Consulting – WHS provides a variety of consulting services that are tailored to your particular home staging and design needs, and that are optimized to present your property in the best possible light
  • Real Estate Home Staging – WHS is capable of meeting all of your staging needs and requirements, regardless of whether your property is a…
    • Vacant Home
    • Model Home
    • Vacation Rental Property
    • Single-Family Home, Townhome or Condominium
  • Home Redesign – WHS can help you redesign and restyle your living space by…
    • Rearranging your existing furniture, etc., to bring balance to your home
    • Establishing a color theme and personal style statement
    • Offering a Paint Color Consultation (3 colors)
    • Updating or Remolding (countertops, flooring, cabinets, fixtures, etc.)
  • Move Management – WHS can help stage your current home and plan an estate sale or consignment

How We Work

At Whitmore Home Staging, our methodology is simple, thorough, optimized through experience, and results-driven… and designed to maximize your selling price and the return on your home staging investment…

  • Consultation – Your WHS Consultant(s) will perform a walkthrough, explain the benefits of home staging to you, and discuss staging options and pricing with you that are matched to your property and circumstances
  • Staging Design – WHS will create a staging design that identifies and highlights the unique selling points of your home while simultaneously leveraging the knowledge and experience WHS has in successful home staging and sales
  • Furniture and Accessories Sourcing – WHS assumes the responsibility of coordinating all in-house and outsourced inventory for staging design using WHS, client and/or outsourced inventory
  • Packaging and Loading – WHS takes care of sourcing, packaging and loading all materials involved in the staging of the property
  • Staging Installation – Your WHS Consultant(s) will install your customized staging solution expeditiously and professionally, and in a way that will emphasize your home’s attractiveness, and maximize your home staging ROI
  • De-Staging and Inventory Pick-Up – at the end of the staging process, WHS assumes total responsibility and control of the de-staging process, including inventory removal and pick-up

How You Benefit

When you engage Whitmore Home Staging, you can be assured that you will be working with a team of experienced, knowledgeable, and professional Consultants who are driven by their and our Company’s desire to achieve the client’s needs and objectives by creating a staging environment that captures the attention and imagination of the prospective homebuyer. We pride ourselves in our ability to help our clients make their homes more appealing and alluring… sell faster… and attain the highest possible sale price and Home Staging ROI.

“Home staging is a necessary exercise not just to be level with every other home, but a step above all the rest!”

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